The Art of Buying Leather

Deciding to invest in a leather jacket is a serious style statement and should not be taken lightly. Of course, if you desire to add one to your wardrobe, you want to make sure that it is money well spent. That means you should gather as much information as possible before you drop some serious cash on a jacket. If you don’t like it, then that could end up being a very expensive mistake.


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I would advise anyone to take their time when buying a leather jacket because there are so many options available out there and you don’t want to snap one up quickly and then possibly miss out on the leather jacket that seemingly was made for you. I now have a few leather jackets that I feel like were designed with me specifically in mind and I wear them every opportunity that I get. Of course, finding the best shoe is the name of the game too, as accessories are everything! The following are some of the guidelines I suggest you adhere to before buying leather.


Types of Leather


The type of leather you decide on – from hard to soft, thin to thick, soft or shiny –can affect how it sits and also its overall versatility. The more subtle the texture, the more likely the leather is going to last for the long-term. As leather ages, it tends to scratch, crease, face, and soften and the right leather jacket will take all of this in and create more character to the mix.




The length of the jacket can also be a tricky thing to maneuver around as well. In my experience, you should select one that works the best with your body shape and flatters you the most. I personally prefer leather jackets that are least waist-length to three-quarter length.




Always be sure to check the hardware’s color and that it accentuates your wardrobe as well as your accessories. I suggest going with black since it is the holy grail of colors that go with everything. You rarely can go wrong when wearing black!


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A leather jacket with featuring the classic lapel design is always a plus as no one wants a leather jacket that is so trendy that it is nearly over the top and will only last for a few seasons. Shearling, drapes, or fur may look great got a while, but will they truly be wearable in a few seasons? That is a question you will have to ask yourself before you decide to invest in a new leather jacket.




You always want to make sure that your leather jacket is lined, with the lining as nondescript as possible and also not clashing with the look and feel of the overall jacket.




Of course, it is always about the details and you want your leather jacket to have the right zippers, pockets, borders, everything! At the end of the day, no matter what size, color, or length you decide on, the leather jacket must ultimately be a great style choice that you can wear with confidence for many seasons.