Summertime Boots

For most people during the summer months, they tend to veer towards sandals flip-flops to wear everywhere, but I don’t care what season it is when it comes to wearing my boots. I don’t let the heat keep me away from wearing them throughout the year. As my favorite shoes, I cannot imagine giving them up for a few months a year every year, so I, of course, have figured out ways to wear them to great effect during the summer months as well.


black boots


It is somehow difficult to explain, but I feel more powerful when I am in a nice pair of boots. It’s not just a different stride in my step, but it is also the height and the sense of power I feel with each step. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the truly girly things like if my toenails are painted or not. I just slip them on and get my day started in earnest.


The question I get asked the most is how can I keep cool while wearing a pair of boots during the hottest times of the year? Well, I always counter that if people can find a way to keep their feet warm during the winter, then they can find ways to keep their feet cool enough in boots during the summer.


As long as you are wearing a thin pair of comfortable socks, I find that is more than enough to keep my feet properly cooled. Of course, if you are worried about how to give your boots a look that works for your summertime wardrobe, say no more! I have lots of ideas on how you can get the most out of your boots for the summer fashion. A few suggestions:


pretty girl in brown boots


Wearing Boots with Light-Colored Tights


During the summer months, you want to wear panty hose or tights that are breathable and comfortable for the warmer months that also look great and have a bit of an edge. Try pairing your boots with tights and a romper for a cool, chic combination that is the perfect look for the summer season.


Boots that are Flexible


Of course, if you are going to be wearing boots all day, you want a pair that is comfortable enough to walk around all day in and not kill your feet and calves. I advise finding a pair of boots made of fake suede as they are more flexible, and also can be paired with jersey dresses, vintage scarves, and large hats for that effortlessly summer look.


boots and leggings


Pair Boots with Leggings


Leggings draw attention towards your boots more than a pair of tights and can be found in just about any color known to man. Whatever your favorite hues are, now is your chance to display them prominently with this look. I personally like to wear darker colored leggings just for a touch of drama. But whatever you decide, the best thing to do is own the look and commit yourself fully to it.