Workout Sneaks

It cannot be stressed enough where having great workout shoes can aid in a truly amped up workout. I have specific goals in mind when I am training in the gym and not all sneakers are able to help me execute certain training techniques. Before you begin an intense workout, you will need the proper trainers on hand that best fit your regimen. They should be versatile enough for jumping, running, and also lateral movement. After years of working out and incorporating various training routines, I have gone through a slew of brands that work the best for me and my goals.


wet shoes


Among all types of workouts, walking and running are qualified as the purest, and as such, nearly every brand has released some type of show that claims to address these fitness routines with the best results. I know how important it is to choose wisely because if you don’t, you might suffer from aching heels or shin splints after running or walking.


While there are stores that can give you suggestions on which shoes to wear for the best workout, I can tell you now which ones that are out there that yield the best results. With some advice from my experience, you can find the best workout sneakers that are able to assist you in just about any type of exercise routine. Before deciding, however, there are a few guidelines you should take into consideration.


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Buy for the Workout at Hand


One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying shoes that are all-purpose. While I think it is fine to have multitasking shoes on hand, if you have a specific workout, then you should have specific shoes as well. That means buying running shoes for running and walking shoes for walking. If you are incorporating both walking and running into your workout, then have two pairs of shoes on hand.


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Know Your Feet


No two are the same and even though we all (or most of us, anyway) have ten of each, they all came in various shapes and sizes and my particular foot quirks are never going to be the same as yours. Take that into consideration when selecting and also be aware that certain brands may mold to your feet better than others. One surefire way to know your foot’s arch and shape is to do the wet test by placing your wet foot on a piece of brown paper and then tracing your footprint.


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Recognizing the Features


You’ve got to get to the details of all the bells and whistles that go into selecting a proper workout sneaker. Some of those great-looking shoes that you have your heart set on may provide absolutely no support and may simply be for show. I suggest that you choose shoes that come with gel insoles for shock absorption and clean inserts.


These are just a couple of the features that are great to help people deal with pain in the heels and cushion those ankles when running. The difference in the shoes you select can make you stronger, faster, and essentially better coordinated. Having the right type of shoes on can reduce injuries by as much as nearly 40% according to some surveys, so it is important to choose wisely and protect your overall health.


So, here are just a few of the shoes that I recommend that can get you through whatever fitness routine you decide on.


BROOKS PureConnect 4


BROOKS PureConnect 4


These shoes allow the muscles in the feet to move naturally as you shift and move back and forth, keeping your strides as smooth as possible. These soles come lined with two dozen oval pods that work independently of each strike. Plus, there is a band that wraps around the midfoot that keeps them locked and loaded to aid you in maneuvering with confidence.


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Saucony Kineta Relay


Saucony Kineta Relay


These shoes come with memory foam that adjusts and contour to your feet to aid in your strolls and runs. With a shoe tongue that is attached seamlessly to the upper portion, they are easy to slip into and spring into action. For a great shoe that is capable of getting the job done with expert execution, these Saucony Kineta trainers are the perfect selection.


The Art of Buying Leather

Deciding to invest in a leather jacket is a serious style statement and should not be taken lightly. Of course, if you desire to add one to your wardrobe, you want to make sure that it is money well spent. That means you should gather as much information as possible before you drop some serious cash on a jacket. If you don’t like it, then that could end up being a very expensive mistake.


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I would advise anyone to take their time when buying a leather jacket because there are so many options available out there and you don’t want to snap one up quickly and then possibly miss out on the leather jacket that seemingly was made for you. I now have a few leather jackets that I feel like were designed with me specifically in mind and I wear them every opportunity that I get. Of course, finding the best shoe is the name of the game too, as accessories are everything! The following are some of the guidelines I suggest you adhere to before buying leather.


Types of Leather


The type of leather you decide on – from hard to soft, thin to thick, soft or shiny –can affect how it sits and also its overall versatility. The more subtle the texture, the more likely the leather is going to last for the long-term. As leather ages, it tends to scratch, crease, face, and soften and the right leather jacket will take all of this in and create more character to the mix.




The length of the jacket can also be a tricky thing to maneuver around as well. In my experience, you should select one that works the best with your body shape and flatters you the most. I personally prefer leather jackets that are least waist-length to three-quarter length.




Always be sure to check the hardware’s color and that it accentuates your wardrobe as well as your accessories. I suggest going with black since it is the holy grail of colors that go with everything. You rarely can go wrong when wearing black!


black coat




A leather jacket with featuring the classic lapel design is always a plus as no one wants a leather jacket that is so trendy that it is nearly over the top and will only last for a few seasons. Shearling, drapes, or fur may look great got a while, but will they truly be wearable in a few seasons? That is a question you will have to ask yourself before you decide to invest in a new leather jacket.




You always want to make sure that your leather jacket is lined, with the lining as nondescript as possible and also not clashing with the look and feel of the overall jacket.




Of course, it is always about the details and you want your leather jacket to have the right zippers, pockets, borders, everything! At the end of the day, no matter what size, color, or length you decide on, the leather jacket must ultimately be a great style choice that you can wear with confidence for many seasons.


Summertime Boots

For most people during the summer months, they tend to veer towards sandals flip-flops to wear everywhere, but I don’t care what season it is when it comes to wearing my boots. I don’t let the heat keep me away from wearing them throughout the year. As my favorite shoes, I cannot imagine giving them up for a few months a year every year, so I, of course, have figured out ways to wear them to great effect during the summer months as well.


black boots


It is somehow difficult to explain, but I feel more powerful when I am in a nice pair of boots. It’s not just a different stride in my step, but it is also the height and the sense of power I feel with each step. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the truly girly things like if my toenails are painted or not. I just slip them on and get my day started in earnest.


The question I get asked the most is how can I keep cool while wearing a pair of boots during the hottest times of the year? Well, I always counter that if people can find a way to keep their feet warm during the winter, then they can find ways to keep their feet cool enough in boots during the summer.


As long as you are wearing a thin pair of comfortable socks, I find that is more than enough to keep my feet properly cooled. Of course, if you are worried about how to give your boots a look that works for your summertime wardrobe, say no more! I have lots of ideas on how you can get the most out of your boots for the summer fashion. A few suggestions:


pretty girl in brown boots


Wearing Boots with Light-Colored Tights


During the summer months, you want to wear panty hose or tights that are breathable and comfortable for the warmer months that also look great and have a bit of an edge. Try pairing your boots with tights and a romper for a cool, chic combination that is the perfect look for the summer season.


Boots that are Flexible


Of course, if you are going to be wearing boots all day, you want a pair that is comfortable enough to walk around all day in and not kill your feet and calves. I advise finding a pair of boots made of fake suede as they are more flexible, and also can be paired with jersey dresses, vintage scarves, and large hats for that effortlessly summer look.


boots and leggings


Pair Boots with Leggings


Leggings draw attention towards your boots more than a pair of tights and can be found in just about any color known to man. Whatever your favorite hues are, now is your chance to display them prominently with this look. I personally like to wear darker colored leggings just for a touch of drama. But whatever you decide, the best thing to do is own the look and commit yourself fully to it.